Convoy For Kids - Goulburn - November 2012

The WSHTC contingent arrived first, at the truck stop just north of Goulburn town centre at 8.30am, the scheduled starting point of the “Convoy For Kids”.

The early arrivals...P1010585 - CopyThe WSHTC contingent ready to convoy.

The weather was a combination of all seasons in one. One minute there was warm sunshine but it didn’t last more than 20 minutes out of 60.   There were storm clouds hovering overhead but it didn’t rain. It was generally fine but the icy cold wind blew right through to the bone.   P1010586 - Copy

As trucks arrived there was last minute polishing and shining of tyres.  

Before the convoy start the “Leading Truck” banner was auctioned off. The winning bidder paid $4100 for the privilege of leading the convoy and displaying the banner on his truck.

By the 10.00am kick off time 106 trucks had assembled ready to rumble through the main street. The police and emergency services had all entry points along the convoy route closed to traffic so the convoy could move through city as one unit.

It was the very first time I had been down the main street of Goulburn without having to stop at a single set of traffic lights. We didn’t get out of first gear the whole way.   But more importantly we provided a spectacle for the gathered crowd to enjoy.

All along the 3 - 4 km route there were people watching, taking photographs and Mum, Dad and the kids waving and cheering....even the truck drivers enjoyed the party, blasting their horns and revving their engines. It was an awesome sight and a joy to experience.

The Convoy for Kids in Goulburn has been held on the second Saturday of November each year for the past ten years and each year it gets better. P1010627 - Copy  This year the convoy finished at the showground where ......there were various displays, food stalls and the obligatory auction. Even God was there too... in his vintage International mobile chapel.    

The whole event was very well organised and at the end of the day $30,000 was raised for kids with cancer.   Well done to the Convoy for Kids organising committee.   We will return to support this project again.